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There’s Frost in My Freezer: What Should I Do?

When there’s frost in my freezer it can create one big solid icy mess. Some causes of frost in the freezer include:

• Blocked air flow from the freezer.
• Defrost issue.
• A loose rubber seal around the door, which allows the room temperature air in.

To prevent frost from building up in my freezer, I try setting the freezer’s thermostat to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. I also try to open the door only when needed, to keep the cold air in.

If your freezer has coils on the back, make sure you leave at least three inches between the coils and the wall.

If these solutions don’t work, call an expert appliance repair service in the GTA who will quickly resolve the issue for you.
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What I Do When There’s Frost in My Freezer

If your freezer looks like it has been struck by an ice storm, it might be the result of the following causes:
  • The freezer door is being opened too frequently and the moisture from the warm air condenses and freezes, turning into frost;
  • The temperature of the freezer is set too low, turning the insides into the ice age;
  • The freezer is too full and is not getting proper air circulation.
When there’s frost in the freezer and you cannot locate the source of the frost build-up, it is likely time to call an expert appliance repair service.


Expert Appliance Repair Service in the GTA


Excessive frost in the freezer can be easily repaired by professional home appliance repair service in the GTA and surrounding areas. Expert technicians provide same day service and have the necessary spare parts to fix most brands quickly and efficiently.

Don’t let frost in the freezer be a concern any longer, contact an expert appliance repair service in the GTA.

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